unicycle freestyle


I jost got a unicycle last week, and have been riding for about 6-9 hours all together. I also have been riding BMX at skateparks and such for a little over a year. In my searching for more unicycle info, Ive come across little tidbits that suggest that there is a type of unicycling that involves BMX aspects. I am very interested in this, but I cant seem to find anymore information or good websites about it. Is it called freestyle unicycling or something different? Does anyone know more about this? Thanks -bubbles

Flatland BMX is closely analogous to freestyle unicycling. Street BMX riding involving grinding, jumping stairs, etc. is more like street unicycling.

it is the way that jsm said it was

Trials Biking is closely related to trials unicycling
Street is closely related to Skating clearing sets and grinds
Freestyle is close to flat land bmxing
Muni could be seen as a form of mountain boarding obviously on a unicycle but similar ideas