Unicycle Freeride Competition Film!

Funkadelic Wheeljam: Bristol CT was a major success considering its highly experimental nature!

Heres the video of the event: http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/albuu68

There is a page about the event and the winning score results at:


Thanks to: Dave Stockton, Dan Heaton, CT Bike, and Unicycle.com for making this years event a success!!

Tell me what you guys think. Hopefully more people will come next year. The bigger the crowd the better!


WHo was on the coker on the half pipe? Looks like you had a good time.

i’m jealous

you guys should come up to toronto to ride sometime!

anyways, it looks like alot of fun.



that looks like it was awsome. I live in CT pretty close to there. I told my mom like a week before but she said she would not drive me. o well. looked like alot of fun

Hey CommandoH!

Where are you at in CT? I would love to have you join us for a group ride at some point like the MS Ride or maybe one of our countless trials rides during the good weather of Spring, Fall, and Summer.

My e-mail address is freethegerbils@juno.com if you want to contact my group sometime.


I wanted to go to that real bad, but I’m poor, and didn’t have gas money to get me down. I’ll work on my skills this summer and see if I can catch the next one.

I have my eyes on that uni.com CrMO hub :slight_smile:

wow you guys have no idea how much fun the event was. the scoring was sketchy but it was more or less experimental. we should organize like a trials urban ride next time it is half way warm out.

i think thats a 29er

I think your right, I sort of questioned it as I typed it.

Wow that was quick! Jeff and John must have worked all night to get through all that footage.

Tim did a great job organizing the event. It was warm inside despite being bitterly cold outside. Good, friendly riders and some gutsy beginners. The Big 3 came all the way down from Boston, despite the temptation of more snowboarding. It was good to see Art and Dan from Hartford again.

Thanks Tim for doing such a good job and congratulations!

Great work guys! Wow, you really organised that quickly. I loved watching the bits with the moving palets and the sandwich boards.


Thats looks pretty sweet. The video was entertaining, there was some really good riding in there.


That was a wicked fun event Tim. Thanks for putting it together. I can’t believe how quickly you got that video out. It really gives a great impression of what went on.

The format needs some work, but it has possibility’s. I think it would be better, when judging events that involves subjective factors such as style or creativity, not have the riders judge each other. Self judging works fine for trials, but things are usually much more clear cut in that case.

I was psyched to get the CroMo hub. It fits in perfectly with my current project. I beleive unicycle.com donated some of the awards? A big thanks to them if thats correct.

That was me in the halfpipe with the 29er. I had a lot of fun with that. I think that if you rode in a skate park on a regular basis a 29" or 26" with short cranks and a slick tire would be awesome. I could definitely imagine getting air off lip of a smaller pipe.


Re: Unicycle Freeride Competition Film!

looks like an absolute blast!
kewl video, i especially liked the walk-thru intro, it set the scene very nicely
the viewer (well, this viewer) is lead to expect something seriously ‘underground’ (pun unavoidable) and the video does not dissapoint
nice piece of work


Wow, that was amazing. I’m sure as hell glad I just saved that video. Good job guys.

I’ll second Robbie’s WOW! Nice riding.

One suggesting: “I feel classical music for the sound effects would showcase the skills and showmanship of the riders better”, or if you don’t care for my suggestion, I can just mute the sound.

Again, great action, skills and camera work. --chirokid–

Darnit, every time I watch a unimovie I want to go unicycle. And now I have to go to school. But I want to unicycle.
Anyway, awesome job, and awesome riding.

It makes me want a trials uni more than ever.

I tried hopping up stairs yesterday for the first time ever. I could really get into this!

In doing some research to see which riders on the forum are into skatepark riding, I came across this thread and video.

I loved the video… it was Awesome! Great riding.

That looks like it was one hell of an event… I wish I could have been there! The skatepark looks really cool. I definitely want to check it out! What is the name of the place and where in CT is it?

I found the info about the skatepark on a link from the thread.
I hope the place is still open.

Great video!