Unicycle For The Arts- CA Distance Ride in June

Hi all!

The Unicycle for the Arts Foundation is looking for participants to ride in a 250 mile, five day distance ride across the state of California in June.

A bit about the UFTA:
Unicycle for the Arts is in the process of becoming a nonprofit corporation, raising funds to support the Performing Arts departments of local high schools through an annual long distance unicycle ride. A test ride was executed in June of 2009, and the route (minus a few rough patches) remains the same. We travel from South Lake Tahoe to San Francisco, along a route which can be viewed at UnicycleForTheArts.com.

There are several options for involvement;

  1. Ride the full distance. If you would like to support your high school, we can arrange advertising and demonstrations to happen there to rally support. All funds donated to your school will be kept track of, and a lump sum will be given upon completion of the ride. Your school will also receive a percentage of funds donated without a specific school in mind.
  2. Ride along for a day, half a day, an hour, or through your town. If you want to participate or ride but cannot commit to the full five days, join us whenever you can! We can still arrange donations for your school and you will have participated!
  3. Can’t ride or know a participant and want to help? No problem! Depending on the number of unicyclists participating, we will need an extra support vehicle and driver. Maybe even more!

It is our hope to have as many unicyclists join us as possible for the ride, and if that means you can only ride along for a day, wonderful!

No longer in high school? That’s fine! Neither are the organizers or first participants. We donate to our alma maters. Not interested in donating to your school, or don’t have an affiliation? Come along nonetheless! Ride for the cause! (And to say that you’ve done a grueling 250 mile unicycle trip across the state.)

If you are interested in helping out in any way, including participation, support, or donations, please visit our website, www.UnicycleForTheArts.com, and send us an email at contact@UnicycleForTheArts.com for more information.

(Added Bonus! There is the possibility of purchasing high quality 36 inch unicycles for very discounted prices if you participate in the ride!)

Deadline to participate:
March 30, 2010, but the sooner you let us know the better.

Peter just informed me that the ride has been canceled. :frowning:

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