Unicycle for tall friend

I have a friend that I was showing my unicycle too today, and he was actually
doing pretty good at it (I hate it when people learn so much faster than I did,
makes me feel like I must be uncoordinated or something). The trouble was is
that he’s about 6’7" (2.13 meters if my math is right) and his knees were coming
way up on my Schwinn, even at the highest setting. Are there unicycles that are
adjustable for the taller person? I also have a giraffe that is rather
extendable, it might fit him better, but it’s probably best not to learn to
unicycle on a giraffe.

BTW, this is my first post here. I was on the mailing list up to about 4 months
ago, then switched jobs and finally got a new account. I also moved from D.C. to
NW suburbs of Chicago, in case there’s anybody in the area…

Rob (Bert) Neff Palatine IL USA

Re: Unicycle for tall friend

For your Schwinn, you can try to get a longer seat post from the Unicycle
Factory (Tommy Miller, (317) 452-2692), or from Semcycle. Schwinnn made a 14"
post, and you probably only have the 9" version. I think Semcycle makes one
that’s even longer.

Good luck!

John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone 6’ tall former Schwinn rider unicycle@aol.com