Unicycle for street

Hello, Im Jose and Im from Spain, I started doing unicycle one year ago with a 24’ and now Im loocking for a street unicycle. In Spain we have less variety of unicycle, but I found this one for 350e or 280 GBP


ISIS-hub, 48 holes, hollow axle, yellow
light QU-AX ZeroQ cranks 125 mm, anodized in ti-grey
QX Slim-saddle, extra thin and with dense cushion, compact, integrated handle
double-bolt QX-series alloy seatclamp
QU-AX-BX45 double walled rim, alloy, 48-holes
19"x2,5" Maxxis Creepy Crawler tire
QX-series [lucent] pedals
alloy Flatcrown frame, white powdercoating
alloy seatpost with reinforcement gusset, Ø 25,4mm
weight: 5,6 kg

What do you think? Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

That sounds like a pretty ideal street unicycle.

You might be able to get the same thing a bit cheaper and in Spain at http://tienda.monociclos.com

Qu-Ax is a good brand. For some reason it is more popular in Europe than it is in North America.

And this unicycle and kris holm 20’? What you think?


Nearly equal.

And the impact reagent for street?

The Qu-ax one is a bit on the heavy side, but the wheelset will never die. Maybe ask for the black cranks, since they are stronger. Also they use 25.4 mm seatposts which are less strong than the 27.2 mm you’d find on a Kris Holm or Impact.

Kris Holm 20" is very good, if you also want to do roll tricks the spirit cranks are not ideal though, but everything else is good.

Impact Reagent… If you don’t want to do tricks where you stand on your frame, go for a Gravity. I’m also not sure why they have those cranks, but that might be personal preference.

Keep shipping in mind, it might be cheaper to buy from any of the european shops like municycle.com, udc Great britain, udc sweden…

Also the exhange rate/commision that your card/bank charges you when you buy in a different currency that the one your bank account holds. Not sure how much it is (depending on your card/bank) but that also adds up a little bit… I looked it up once in mine and it was more than I thought…