unicycle for sale.....

Hello. I’ve been advised to try selling my unicycle here. I don’t mean for
this to be an auction, but I don’t have the resources to post on ebay
(digital camera) so maybe somebody here would be interested.

I have a Schwinn unicycle…4 years old, but excellent condition. I
basically only used it the first summer I bought it. Seriously, its
excellent condition.

Standard size, white trim on wheel, 19.5 inch diamter measured from inner
metal wheel frame to other side.

Black leather seat.

If interested, please contact me directly, and we’ll talk price. I will
work on price as I have no use for it and it is just laying around.



about that unicycle…

Hi Jason,

Saw your add for the unicycle.

Was wondering if you had gotten rid of it yet.

If not, send me a message onlyonewheel@unicyclist.com

I’d be interested in purchasing if your going for a good price.

Thanks a lot.