unicycle for sale in Essex, UK (20" Sem XL)

20" Semcycle XL for sale in Chelmsford, Essex.

Klaas Bil kindly put up a picture (same as the one on Sem’s website,
but contrast adjusted so you can see it more clearly):

The one for sale differs in having an all-black tire (well, apart from
the yellow bit nearest the metal) and black seat bumpers rather than
green ones. Otherwise, it’s identical, I think (but older, of
course!). Sem XLs are extremely robust, and the seat is nice, IMHO.

Chrome-plated wheel and seatpost. Lower half of seatpost is heavily
scratched (I guess they always are) and rusting a bit. Forks, post
(I’m talking about the bit of the post that’s welded to the forks, not
the seatpost) and vertical tire rim surfaces are essentially free of
rust, but the horizontal part of the tire rim (where the spokes meet
it) has lots of small superficial rust spots – doesn’t look bad,
though. Also a bit of rust where the forks meet the post. Seat in
good condition, apart from one patch of about 1 square cm where the
surface covering has come off.

45 UKP, buyer collects.