Unicycle for sale at NUC

I will be selling a 20" Miyata unicycle at the NUC this week. I bought it
earlier this year, but was not hugely impressed, and I’ve gone back to my 24"
Schwinn for tricks. Here are the details:

Price: $250. I bought it for about $295 including expenses involved in getting
Canadian currency in Akron, OH and buying an extension post.

Condition: Mostly like new. The seat bumpers and pedals are a bit scuffed from
riding. I replaced the quick-release lever on the seatpost with a knurled bolt.

Extras: Includes an extra seat post extender. The fork tops have grip
tape on them.

I’ll be at the NUC Wednesday evening through Monday morning. Let me know if are
interested via e-mail, or just track me down at BG.

Beirne Konarski bkonarsk@mcs.kent.edu

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