Unicycle for Operation in Water

Has anyone experienced anything like this? I ran across it in my patent searching and found it interesting.

that is odd…

cool idea.

I don’t understand what it does; where does the water go in, and the seat harness thing looks mean.

it looks like a sick idea but i dont think it would work. it looks extremely uncomfortable and like it would capsize easily. lol.

I love the line:
“Therefore, it can be appreciated that there exists a continuing need for new and improved unicycle for operation in water which can be used for remaining buoyant and propelling a user forward through water. In this regard, the present invention substantially fulfills this need.”
I mean I was just thinking the other day “I wish there were better way to ride my unicycle through the water?” ha ha lol :slight_smile:

It works like a waterjet (or a turbocharger). Water is sucked in at the centre (around the hub) and is expelled towards the rear through the tube, thus generating forward thrust.

Regardless of the usefullness, this just made my 2009 christmas wishlist :smiley:

Looks like it would be fun to play with, but I don’t see it as a unicycle other than being unicycle-shaped. Where’s the balancing?

Water unicycling, anyone?

Too funny. lol

You would do that. We need something buoyant like that, but make it so that it can go on both water and land. Now that would be sweet!


I think the water intake must be in the middle of the wheel, around the hub. That way the exhaust pipe would provide horizontal propulsion, while water would be sucked in at the center of the wheel and then pushed out towards the edges of the wheel by the internal blades, much like in a water turbine used for generating electricity, until it reaches the exhaust pipe and jets out backwards.

I would imagine that this would in fact create some forward thrust. However, the drag force on the entire thing and of course of the user, not to mention the drag forces on the legs trying to pump up and down on the pedals, would surely overpower the propulsion force and this is why I cannot imagine this thing working at all.

Perhaps if it was enclosed, so more like a submarine with a leg-driven propeller or water jet, that might work. But the hydrodynamics of this “water-uni” simply do not add up, at least not for me.

Which is so obvious I guess that I shouldn’t even have bothered stating it, but then again I am so tired now that I just thought it was funny to comment on this before going to bed. :smiley:

Good night all!



I guess this is exactly what is described in the patent text (which is not written in English but in Legalese):

I think he’s right. It reminds me of our ride on “Bob’s Underwater Adventure” in St. Thomas. I didn’t find an official link but this should give the idea. Basically it’s an underwater scooter. Your head is in a little diving bell, in the air bubble in there (with oxygen supplied from a scuba tank). An electric motor provides forward propulsion – slowly – and you steer the prop with some handlebars.

With a car battery powering it, the thing is excruciatingly slow! A human-powered one would be similarly slow, and the positioning is all wrong for any kind of efficiency. If you want to really move, you’d be lying down somehow. Think an underwater recumbent unicycle. :slight_smile: