Unicycle for just general riding?

I have been practicing and have gotten very good on my Torker LX 20 inch unicycle. I am looking to get something a lot nicer for just riding around town or whatever. I don’t do any long distances, just cruise around town… and the 20 inch gets tiring after awhile. I’m about 220 pounds and around 5’7’’, so I might need something heavier, I don’t know. I’m also thinking of getting a 24 inch, as I think a 29 inch would be way too big.

I have been looking at the Nimbus II, but I really don’t know what’s right for me.

Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

If your cruising around town intails distances of greater that 3 to 5 miles at a time then you might be happier with a 29". Torker make both 24" & 29" models that are reasonably priced and if its just general riding that you want to do then you shouldn’t require a splined hub. If you have intentions of any kind of major hopping or jumping greater than say curb height then a splined axel would be a good idea based on your weight.

The Nimbus II would be a great uni for you if you decide to go with a 24"

Get a torker DX 24.

Definately go for a 29.

A 24" is pretty much the standard “general riding” unicycle. But if you already have a 20", it might make more sense to get a 29", so you have one unicycle for when you’re not going anywhere (learning skills, playing basketball, performing), and one unicycle for when you’re going somewhere. A 29" is a lot nicer for riding any kind of distance than a 24".

If you get a 29er, I would recommend the Nimbus ISIS over the Torker AX; the Torker doesn’t have a very good saddle, and all of its parts are odd dimensions. The ISIS hub is also much stronger than the Torker hub.

The Nimbus ISIS 24" would be a good 24", if that’s what you decide on.

the 29 would be better i think for general riding, its faster and less tiring than a 24. And i think theyre more fun, but im short and being high up is a novelty to me :D!!

go for a 29

29, 29, 29, 29, 29, 29 …

Get the picture.

Thanks everyone for the help… I don’t exactly hate the 20 inch when riding around town, but everyone here has to understand I live in a very, very small town. I’d say population is around 200-300. I don’t ride very much at once, just maybe around a couple blocks.

I like the fact that the 24 inch would also be okay for the same reason I bought my 20 inch - I’m the school mascot. Which means, if my 20 inch ever becomes unusable, I can use the 24 for in the gym and the football field.
Also, it’s not a whole lot bigger than the 20, but not too big.

I don’t crave speed… thats why I can live with my 20 inch until my birthday which is in July. Also, I’m only 17 and I want something that’ll last until I get to college!

If you don’t want a 29", then a 26" is a good ride. Still smallish but better than a 24" for just riding around. I got one and its great. Can also use it offroad (Muni/XC) or road with a slick tyre. 26" Nimbus ISIS Muni with 137mm KH cranks.

It’s worth a thought anyway.

I’m not really into the offroad/muni riding. I really like the idea of getting a 24 inch… 29 inch is way too big and I don’t like the options for 26 inch unicycles.

It’s a shame, beause it certainly is your best option. Convenient smallish size, with decent speed.

Sounds like you thought this through and made up your mind. You should get the 24.

True, there aren’t a lot of options for 26" atm, but I’d still consider it.
Torker LX or Nimbus ISIS (go for the Nimbus IMO)

MY 24 isn’t a lot faster than my 20. I’m kind of slow but I can ride my commute in a bit over 30 min on the 20 and a bit under 25 min on the 24".

The 29" will be hard to fit into some trunks and take on the bus w/o disasembly.

29 is the best for zippity doo da’ing around town. It is so fun and by no mean too big. If you are from Canada get a Bedford 29

When I wanted a new uni last year, I asked for advice on this forum and was shocked that so many people recommended a 29. I hadn’t even thought it a possibility for me; it sounded so big. But I listened and without even trying one, ordered one from my LBS. At first it was big and I was awkward on it.

It didn’t take long for me love riding it. Not long at all. It is so versatile. I ride it on the sidewalk among pedestrians. On trails, in the park, fairly long distances, and then just for a spin.

It fits in my trunk and goes just about everywhere I do.

Have you tried a 29? or are you assuming it is too big?

Never even tried a 29, nobody around here unicycles. My next uni needs to be able to fit in my trunk, and will not be used for long distances. Mostly mascoting. I just need a nicer uni than my 20 inch, but I don’t want another 20 inch. I think a 24 would be decent sized for what I plan on using for, but I have a couple of months to make a decision. So, I’m just getting opinions and researching for now!

Also, if I take it to a bike shop can they assemble it for me rather than me trying to do it myself?

There’s got to be someone near you. Where do you live?

Two lists of clubs.

Yes they can, but may assemble some things wrong since they prob don’t usually do it. You can also do it, it’s pretty fast and easy.

I live in Ohio, near the middle of nowhere. I was inspired about 10 years ago, by the mascot then. Haven’t had a mascot since, so I did it last year and I thought I’d learn how to ride the uni this year. I’m really into it. What I like about the 24, is it seems versatile for what I’ll be using it for. Maybe later on I’ll start looking at a 29 inch, but to me it feels like it doesn’t really suit my purpose as of now. Maybe once I go to college (I plan on going to Columbus, and I know there are unicyclists there) I’ll look into something bigger.

I didn’t know if the Nimbus II would be harder to set up than the Torker LX. Does it come with the tools or shall I have to use my own?

I would suggest getting a 24" then. Sounds like it will suit you just fine.
The Nimbus II is a great option. A good cruiser, and the ISIS splined hub is strong and realiable.

Something like a Torker DX is stronger, and more burly, but is also heavier and probably more then you would need unless you want to do some off roading and stuff.

Yes, a bikeshop should be able to assemble it for you, it’s pretty straight forward for someone that’s already mechanicly inclined. The LX and the Nimbus should be pretty much the same tools. It’ll come partially put together, like your LX probably was, no tools included.