Unicycle for christmas

Hi all.

My son (boy - 10 Yrs old) would like a unicycle for Christmas.

I have no clue what size or model would suit him best.

Can anyone offer advice so I can find the right one online (perhaps Ebay)

Thanks very much.




Finding the right model does vary a little with which country you are buying from as there are different “decent” base models in different countries. It is good to ask here and you will get responses.

I run Unicycle.com in the UK and there are others throughout the world. We sell unicycles that are good quality and appropriate for us with ranges of unicycles going from beginners to experts. My advice if you are wanting to buy from Ebay is that there are some good deals on there, but less that you may think, most of the unicycles sold there are of very low quality. If you do buy from there be sure you know you are buying a reputable model.


Unicycle.Com is a great place to start, they have shops in many countries and on-line ordering everywhere UPS delivers :slight_smile:

A 20" club or a 24" club if he’s tall.

If you want to upgrade to a more durable uni, then the Freestyle 20’ or 24" would be an option.

I’d recommend a 20", assuming he’s never ridden before. The club would probably be suitable and with the lower body weight of a child, should be adequate for a few years - I think. Unless of course, dad secretly wants to learn to ride as well… :wink: then I’d go the next step up.

Oh, and in Canada, it’s http://www.municycle.ca/

I made a mistake of getting a cheap new unicycle when I decided to learn. If I had to do it again I would either go straight for a bombproof Nimbus II, or shop locally on craigslist for a used cheap Torker (under $40).

20" is a very good size to learn on and it will continue to be useful for learning new tricks. Make sure you get seatposts in two sizes so you can learn as well :slight_smile:

Hey Tim,

My son wanted one after seeing my buddy ride. I though it was dumb and told him no. We ended up making a deal: He had to ride my freinds uni down a walkway at least once by the end of the weekend. He struggled with this for hours and hours, then finally “sorta” got it. I bought him a 20" Sun.

Meanwhile he went off to camp and there I was with nothing to do, so I figured why not try to learn to uni?

It’s been just over two years since that fateful day. My son did learn to uni and is a very capable muni rider. I also learned how to ride and have become decent in my own right. My son is now in high school and rides rarely, though when I get him out, he kills it! Meanwhile, I have contd to ride 2-3x weekly and have increased my uni quiver to included a 26" muni, a 29" muni, and a 36" for double track.

I sold all of my bikes and don’t miss them for a second :slight_smile:

Get a decent uni if you can afford one or get a 20" beginner uni and when you start riding more, then you get a 24 muni :slight_smile:

Great to hear your uni background, Ben!

And to the OP:
+1 on unicycle.com - just pick the appropriate store for your country (it’s an easy option on the website). For more info, talking to them on the phone may also be useful. If you’re set on shopping other sites, a Torker LX (but not the CX) is also a pretty good learner uni.

For a 10yo, a 20" unicycle is almost certain to be the best size. You should be prepared to cut the seatpost down to make the uni fit for him. This can be done with a hacksaw, or better with a pipe cutter ($10-15 tool you can get at the local hardware store). If you have any thought of trying to learn yourself, you might consider getting a second seatpost from unicycle.com.

I started the uni trend in my family about two years ago, and now have my 10yo riding trails with me, and my 12 and 9 yo’s are learning. We now have six unicycles ranging from 16"-36".

But if nobody in your family rides, I understand the whims of a 10yo can shift quickly, so going the route of a less expensive learner first may make sense. But you should also learn to ride, as it’s a really good activity to do with your son! Check out my video of riding with my 10yo: Hiawatha rail trail with my son