Unicycle For Cancer Research Uk!

hi, my names Peter Russell,
im 15, live in long eaton (near nottingham),
Ibeleive im a fairly good unicyclist,
and have been having this mad dream since my best freinds mum died of cancer about a year ago now, and my girlfreinds best freind died of cancer about 2 months ago, that about 20 unicyclists could come to beeston (near nottingham again)
and basiccaly just unicycle to grab peoples attention and then try and get donations from people to go to the charity “cancer research uk”
this idea has been thought through lots of times by myself and if it could go ahead i would put posters up in shop windows around the surrounding area,
and inform the local media.
I know this sounds like a random stab in the dark but if this could go ahead,
imagine the publicity for Cancer research and unicyclists alike,
(not to mention meeting new unicycling freinds).
if this went ahead the date would probably be sometime in later june on a saturday because the amount of people in beeston on a saturday is huge and the atmosphere is realy happy and lively.

anyone that thinks this is a good idea and thinks they would be able to participate in the event please email me (liddle-peter@hotmail.com) or leave a message on this forum.if you think you could contribute to organising the event please email me.

thanks so much for taking ur time to read this…
remember…teens have a heart too.