Unicycle for Beginner

I have a friend that wants to learn to unicycle(yeah!) but he needs a uni. I don’t want him to get a cheap-o no-name uni from Hong Kong so I am interceding on his behalf for a unicycle of decent quality.

Maybe a 20" Torker LX that you learned on but now have no use for or even something better that you are willing to part with at a decent price.

I’m thinking that he would want a 20", but I’m not sure. And I don’t know his price range, but I will hopefully be posting that soon.


hey i got a torker ax,20 inch with nimbus venture crank upgrade for sale,near mint cond,just some scratches on the seat guard,i can send pic,its the aluminum model,kinda greyish/silver color

i have a torker cx 24 thats vivid blue that has been barely used it comes with a stand and it has upgraded quax cranks and medal petals. i will sell it for around 115 but if he wants it for less ill sell it for around 90. remember that this unicycle was used for less than a month and has almost no scratches at all exept for on the pedals.

please respond soon because i need to sell this very badly.

Sorry for the jack but,

I’d be interested in seeing that one. I’m looking for a lighter freestyle to play with and have been kicking around the idea of getting an AX, just for the frame. Hell, if you’ll sell just the frame, that’d be cool too.

PM me or, post some pics.


Thanks for the offer, but I was trying to avoid the cx. However, I may have to go that route because my friend’s price range is $65.

So the word is:

20" or 24"

I don’t want him to end up with a junky uni, so if you have anything that you are willing to sell that is neighborhood of $65, let me know.

I’m not going to be spending an big uni money on myself right now…Maybe in about 10 years… :blush:

hey ill sell the cx for 65 but idk how much shipping will be because its such a big box

Still looking…

I hope to get one before my friend loses interest. He lives far away, so he can’t borrow mine.

hey, i pm’ed you a while back, maybe you didn’t get it?? i still have both the cx and the lx, and would be interested in selling one of them to your friend. we might be able to even figure something out that doesn’t require shipping

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Mission Accomplished+++++++++++++

PM sent