Unicycle for beginner

Hi, first post here, hopefully you guys can help me out
I recently got myself a unicycle off the internet. I went for the cheapest I could find
It is a poor quality, made in china unicycle. I hardly use it.
One of the biggest problems is because the seat keeps turning when I try to hop on it, it just wont lock into place no matter how much I try to tighten it.
Another concern for me is that I might be a bit 2 tall for it. I cant adjust the seat any higher.
So basically, I am thinking of buying a proper unicycle from a proper store.
Does anyone have any suggestions of what ones are good for beginners. Maybe a guide as to what type of for a person of certain height/weight?
I am approx 100kg and about 6foot (yeah, im a big chubby)

any suggestions
2 shops I can go to are

and http://www.juggleart.com


You learned a lesson about cheap unicycles. They don’t last.

The 20-inch trials unicycles on the Circus Stuff site all look good. I would stay away from the 20-inch trials unicycles on the Juggleart site.

It looks to me like they’re basically just redirecting stuff from unicycle.au.com

Sounds like your beginner cycle may be fine for now. All you need is a longer seat post, and a better clamp. You could try investing in those first, while you continue to learn, and meanwhile start saving up for your “next” unicycle, something that may specialize you in the type riding you want to do.

Word to the wise: If you buy the cheapest clamp you can find, you’re not saving any money. :slight_smile:

I have a question for you, to what extent do you intend to be riding? Drops, tricks, distance, just riding around?
That being said I would go with the first site for my unicyling necities, I would go with unicycle.au as was suggested by hobo chuck.

The photograph that you link shows no seat post clamp at all. Does it have one? Maybe that’s all you need.

Wow, you’re right :astonished:

Yet another reason for nobody, not even a beginner, to buy one of those stupid no name unis. :roll_eyes: