Unicycle for appraisal/sale/trade

this is an original schwinn unicycle all original parts it looks like.
there are a bunch of scratches on the logo stickers and the underside of the seat looks dirty and there are rust spots on the seat post.Also the intertube is broken and i don’t know how to change it.
so here are a few things

if anyone can tell us how to change the intertube that’d be great

and we was wondering how much it is worth
because i am looking to trade/sell this unicycle to buy my friend a new unicycle


here are the pictures i cant post the pictures so here are the links im sorry

maybe this will work

To change the tube it looks like you’ll have to; take out the seat bolt to separate the frame, then take out the cotter pins on the cranks and take the cranks off, then you’ll be able to separate the frame and get at the tire/tube.
It’s pretty old being it has cotter pins. I don’t think it’s worth too much. I’d say maybe worth $20-$30… someone correct me if I’m wrong.

Change Tire on a Schwinn

You don’t need to do anything to your cranks to change the tire/inner tube. Just unbolt the seatpost, and then the two halves of the frame will separate. Then you just take off the tire and change the tube the same way you would on any bike wheel. When it’s done, put the frame halves back together, insert the seat tube, and bolt it back together. It’s probably the easiest unicycle to change a tire on that I’ve ever worked on.

Oh, yeah–be sure that you put the seat on facing the right direction–there’s a front and back to the uni, and if you put the seat on backwards you’ll unscrew your pedals as you ride.

oh lame my lbs said it was worth something oh well but thanks ffor the help

pkittle is right. i did this about 3 weeks ago. it is real simple if you just take the seat post out and then just do it like you would a normal wheel.

yeah i fixed it last night but exploded the intertube so you know
my psi gauge is broken and i just kept going

the cops came because they said it scared the neighbors


hmmm… that’s a pretty convenient allibi, I’ll have to remember that one.