Unicycle for 8 year old daughter

I am looking to get an 18 inch unicycle for my 8 year old daughter. My slightly older daughter has a used jugglebug, and that seems to work well for her. However, I am looking to spend $50 or less, and a new jugglebug is approx $90-$100, more than I would like to spend (and I cant seem to find a used unicycle around here).

I have seen the attached unicycle on ebay, and I was wondering if any have had any experience with it?




UDC has 16" and 18" Hoppley unicycles for a modest price:


A unicycle like this one might work for your daughter.


yes this will best suit for your daughter

If you think a 16" would be ok, Bike Island has a decent one for $40 shipped: http://bikeisland.com/cgi-bin/BKTK_STOR20.cgi?Action=Details&ProdID=98

I ordered one of these last year for my son (who still isn’t yet tall enough to ride it) and it came quickly. The unicycle seems to have the same parts as the 16" Hopley and is much better than that eBay uni (judging by the frame bearings).

+1 for Bike Island. Dropped it hard at least a 100 times no harm. My 7 year old daughter can ride about 10 feet now! I am so proud. My plan is to raise my own MUni team. My 5 year old son is next. I have been reading some learning journals over in Just Conversation for some tips. It’s frustrating getting all those pads on but she tries hard and to see her pedal that little wheel is so worth it. She is reaching the limit in seat height. Might be on to a cheap 18" unless I can slip an expensive 20" (that Daddy can ride too) past my wife. Then we are building a serious stable of proper gear. I can’t wait!