Unicycle Football League

We are about to start up our 8th season here in San Marcos, TX.
If you havent seen any of our games online, it is full contact football on asphalt on unicycles. We should be streaming games starting every Sunday at 4pm central at www.ustream.tv/channel/unicycle-football-league.
This is a six team league and we will have over 30 games played this season. Do people get hurt? There hasnt been a single game without injury in eight seasons.
Watch some of our videos at www.unicyclefootball.tumblr.com.

If you like what you see, start a team in your city so we can come stomp you.


This is like Fight Club only better.

Come to Matawan, NJ and you can stomp me even though I’m the only unicyclist here.

And by the way, lest that sound purely masochistic, I will stomp back to the best of my ability.

Must say that is pretty damn cool!

I envisage kicking the ball must be very difficult. Is there a Wayne “R-uni” in the making?

Oh! You mean American Football!


There is another kind?

No. It’d be stupid to call this sport in which one kicks a ball with his/her feet football. That’s why they teach us in the English lessons that we must call it soccer! :wink:

I was almost hoping to see some soccer but after watching that vid i gotta say that’s much more awesome :smiley:

kicking the ball

That is one of the hardest aspects of unicycle football. When I first started, I couldnt ride very well so I worked mainly on field goals, extra points and kickoffs. We have one player that can kick 25 yard field goals on a regular basis. On a strange note, our cheerleaders are called Unibrawdz and they make a human fieldgoal. They made a rule that if you hit one of them in the head with the ball, it counts. I hasnt happened yet but there were a few close calls.

I don’t find that strange at all.