Unicycle Foot Jam Session

This last trick line killed me :dizzy_face: If you guys enjoy this video, please considering helping grow the channel & the sport by liking and commenting. Thank you guys :slight_smile:


That last line is crazy man! The way you make foot jams flow is really cool. The trick is inherently choppy as you can’t really have any speed when jamming the wheel, but you do it with style and somehow make it flow. Nice work!

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Great video Jack.
You are circus skill level, but how many unicyclists can do tricks like that?
1 in 10 unicycle riders?

If you want to grow your channel, the people you need to watch are:
a.) Regular unicyclists who can just only ride. Probably, 100,000 worldwide.
b.) Regular people who can’t ride a unicycle. Probably, 4,999,900,000.


Thanks dude! I’ve worked hard on getting my style and flow better so this is a really flattering comment, thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks @slamdance
Foot jams are pretty common in the urban community, although a lot of the combinations in this video might be a little less common. Thanks for the feedback, it’s tough to make content because I’m trying to get new non-riders into unicycling but also want to cater to the unicycling community. It’s a tough one to get right on both sides.

Alright dude, I will give “scary” foot jams a try in 2022.