Unicycle Food Review

Hey Guys!
This is just a proof of concept video to see if it is possible to do a food review while riding a unicycle. Let me know what you guys think! Any feedback would be great.

That was just plain awesome. You had me in tears by the end. You need a disclaimer that says no bagel was injured during the making of this video. All the blunders are what makes the video. Plus that fact that you did not get in a head on collision going down that one way street. Ah hell, I am going to watch it again. Thanks for sharing.

You sir, are my hero

I really want a bagel now. For the next review can you mount a cutting board to the camera pole? Or maybe just some cup holders for ingredients. What cuisine do you have in mind for episode #2? My whole family looks forward to it.


^^^ cutting board would be a great addition ^^^

Thanks for the support! I will be shooting the next episode this coming weekend!

A dinner tray addition is in the near future! The next shoot will be another one of Montreal`s iconic sandwiches, smoked meat on rye :).

Lol great video

omg that had me laughing good.
Agreed… it’s the eff ups that make it awesome and the struggle to get your words out while coordinating everything. lol

In my opinion, the fewer cuts in your video the better, but I get it you cut out boring sections.

such creativity, i really love it. Notice that if you focus on the guy talking and eating the world is moving. Thanks for making it :slight_smile: