unicycle filming technology steadycam

hi all,

a few years ago when i was reading these forums more regularly, someone mentioned they made a steadycam attachment like this onehttp://www.cs.cmu.edu/~johnny/steadycam/ to use for filming uni/muni action.

shortly thereafter i stopped reading the forums and lost track of the project. there was a sample video in the thread, and it was amazing. someone was recording with a handheld camera on a unicycle, but it was as if there was a set of tracks on the ground for the camera.

so my question is… was a full length/final version ever done/released/posted on the galleries? where can i find it/can you find it for me?

and major props to the innovator and unicyclist who had the idea.


Brian Mackenzie made a fulllength DVD using a conventional steadycam called Inner Balance, there’s a trailer here and a short film about the use of the steady cam here.

Yeah what happens when you eat it with that 1000s of dollars of equipment.

For a fast paced chase Muni shot, I think the ideal would be a helmet cam on fully suspended mtb rider.

well, the idea behind using a steadycam/glidecam is that you entirely remove any jittery/shaky filming, which, admittedly distracts a whole lot from actually being able to watch the action on screen.

and the idea behind making a steadycam yourself is you save yourself a ton of cash in the event you eat it.

which takes me to my next point… in the youtube trailer demonstrating the glidecam, how is brian not tripping down the stairs? it looks like he’s watching the camera, AND running fast down a flight of stairs.

thanks for the links, all, but what i was initially looking for is actually a lot older than these videos, cerca… 2004?

He wasn’t chewing gum.

more importantly, how didn’t i get run over by cabs and busses in Times Square?? :slight_smile:

PS…also notice that in order to run down the stairs so fast, i also had to land my feet angled on each stair

the glidecam has lasted through dozens of wipeouts, and it’s construction allows for it nicely.

the downside to a helmet cam is you are limited to filming where your head is pointing, making for a pretty boring ‘just another helmet cam’ type of shot. how 90’s :slight_smile:

i just made one for exactly $14 and it works soo good i love it

homemade stuff is cool too, i pulled my camera with a fishing line/reel while suspended from a cable in TWNR :slight_smile:

that’s $14 more than mine was :sunglasses: