Unicycle featured in 'MacUser' magazine.

The current issue of MacUser magazine (in the UK) has an article called “MacUser’s Festive Feast”, in which they recomend “top gifts for the festive season”. I was surpised enough to find a unicycle featured - but even more surprised when I read which one…

Kris Holm 24-inch Mountain Unicycle
"Regular mountain bikes have nothing on this. Mountain unicycling, or ‘Muni’ to its fans, is the ultimate in hardcore outdoor sport. Tackling trails and streams and jumping over logs on a single wheel is something you simply have to try.

This unicycle, designed by Kris Holm, the world’s top Muni and trials unicyclist, is the business. It has a heat-treated, splined axle and hollow-splined cranks, CroMoly steel tubing, a Duro Wildlife off-road tyre, and a competition-grade seat. Our ideal model includes the optional hydraulic brake (yes, brakes) for extreme Muni riding. With its anodised black wheel, frame and post, and black and grey seat, this is something of a stealth unicycle."

It then goes on to give phone number and web address for our very own Unicycle Source - and there’s a nice picture of the uni, too!

I wonder how many of the MacUser team have had a go…