Unicycle Feature

I made this feature as an end of the year project for a class at school.

Wow, Very well put together. I liked the whole thing.

Great vid!!

I can’t believe that girl has only been riding for 4 months. She does tricks I haven’t even attempted.

:::Off to go practice:::

That was 2 different girls.


very cool vid.

Gewd one.

Nice video! Bet you got an “A”.

very nice :slight_smile:

Well done … love to hear unicyclists gag a bit about their art/sport/passion.
The clown thing always comes up. Poor clowns don’t get no respect for nuttin…

Nice to see young people discover and finally appreciate and enjoy the “UNI” feeling

Hold on to the spirit…
Awesome, the entire …

Wow, great video, really well put together like all of your videos :slight_smile: brings across a good spirit!

Very well done!:smiley:

I love these informational-style videos!
Well done.

Enjoyed watching the video. Well done !!