Unicycle feature now on Yahoo. :)

The Uni segment just came out this morning on Yahoo, and it will be on their main page this weekend, I’m told. They left a ton of stuff out due to time limitations, but I guess anything that shows our sport in a positive light is a good thing, right? (The only thing I would not suggest, is being on camera at 6:15am, with harsh sun hitting your face and a terrible camera angle, lol!) :astonished:

It did also give some good publicity to my LBS, Twins bike shop. That should get me a lifetime supply of “super patch kits”, haha! :D:p:)

really cool segment terry. i guess we now know why your lbs is called twins bike shop! why no trials this time? i guess it was edited out if you did do it.

51 and trying

I watched one of your youtube videos one morning in August, and HAD to have a unicycle. I remembered in my teens thinking, my NEXT unicycle must have a bigger wheel (I liked to cruise). I bought a Nimbus Nightrider pro; and thought [after 30 years] that I was going to assemble it, mount, and ride. Well, I’m re-learning again, and I want to thank you for the inspiration. So far I can mount with a curb and a pole (or tree), and ride unasssisted for ~1/4 mile. I can’t seem to “seat” very well, so I’m “muscling” with my legs, and consequently can’t go far…yet. Thanks again.

congrats Terry, that’s a nice piece.

That was great! You’re very well spoken. :sunglasses: I enjoyed it.

Thats awesome! Good inspiration to get out there and ride more too.

Way to represent!:smiley:

Seriously, though, that was truly amazing and inspiring.

Great clip! Seems like you’re a natural in front of the camera. I think you could be some sort of international unicycling ambassador or something…

Thanks for the comments guys! :slight_smile:

That is a nice, round, easy to digest news piece. Very good!

Very nice, I enjoy watching the clip and I’m sure it’s very inspiring to non-unicyclists (well, to unicyclists as well as I belong to this group :)). How did you get in touch with Yahoo?

Keep on rocking!

Fantastic segment. Looked awesome and it explained clearly why some of us are so addicted to this sport!

Someone just brought this to my attention. My Yahoo segment has been linked to a website called “Bike Snob” out of New York City. I got a chuckle out of what the poster had to say, some of which is not all to uncommon among non-riders. :stuck_out_tongue:

A lot of people must be seeing the segment; in less than a day it’s had more than 30,000 views! The producer had told me that views could get into the multi-millions. Pretty good exposure for our sport! :slight_smile:

It’s a few stories down the page…

Also this twitter post by someone: http://twitter.com/annarobertson


Good job terry should have put this in quote of the day:D

haha, done. :smiley:

Nice job Terry!

That really was a good, succinct story. Great job inspiring everyone Terry.

Also, welcome to the forum Craig from Michigan! The 36er is an awesome ride.

I got a bit emotional watching that :sunglasses:

A producer emailed to tell me that it is going to be front & center on Yahoo’s main page this weekend. She said that in just those two weekend days, she “expects it to get many millions of hits”. That would be pretty good exposure for our sport! It might be like a youtube video going viral…on steroids! :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow Terry… I never realized you were “foffing out” when you ride. You’re sicker than I thought. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, I guess if you have a touring handle, they don’t think that, since your hand is in plain view way out in front. But with a normal lift handle, some people seem to think you’re holding something else, lol! Probably because all they see is your hand near your crotch, and can’t really see the lift handle. :roll_eyes: