unicycle fail thread

post all your stacks or overall fails.

ill start it of

LOL at the kids reactions behind u!! he looked like he was literally feeling ur pain

btw y werent u at uninats?

lol that was my friend behind he was luaghing for about half an hour while i was on the ground.

oh and i did go to uninats for the first day but i didnt do anything.

nice grind, and cool thread

is that qu-ax?

saddle seems to be qu-ax. :slight_smile:

yes its a modified qu-ax saddle the uni is a match of all different parts tho.

Hey that rail is sweet! Nice grind. I would love to come there and grind it because there are no good rails in my area. Do you know how high off the ground that rail was? How high can you rolling hop? How long did it take you too grind it?

Sorry for all the Qs :stuck_out_tongue:

here is the best one i have ever managed. i was attempting to sidehop 75 cm.

Edit: sorry i dont know how to embed

i dont no how high of the ground it is not that high,i dont really measure my hop i can hop up a 4 set if that helps and finnaly its taken me a while to do it didnt have the guts one day i just said hey im going to do it and went from there.


Wow! You really have some balls doing that drop! Or do you? cause it looked like you would have felt the bounce.LOL. What height was that?

heres my fail really beginner
took me like five minutes just to get my tire out


Here’s a few of mine. :o

no way! i couldnt believe you fell in the water!!! nice collection

It’s always good to see more fellow Michiganders on here. I never have anyone to ride with.

Terry, those were some crazy bails and fails!

its 9ft high and no i didnt hurt my balls cause the frame/seat fell forwards so fast.It will be in my next video and theres a 9ft drop in my video before trials beginners

Haha yeah, splish splash, I took a bath on that one! It was from about 2 years ago or so, when I was only a kid, hehe! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah , happens to all of us at some point…except maybe for that water splash haha. :smiley: