Unicycle Extremes!!!!

Hey, I was wondering what are some of the extremes of Unicycles. ie. highest, biggest wheel, smallest, etc.



Re: Unicycle Extremes!!!

How about the priciest?


Raphael Lasar

The priciest goes to Bronsons SWEET coker, coming it at a retail price of $2,500( i think, but i dont have a link)

Hmm, I have a Coker that certainly qualifies by now as an antique, purchased April 2000, and has only about 400 miles on it. I’ll let it go for a cool $1000. Any takers? :smiley:

And by the way, not to completely derail this thread, here’s a page with lots of extreme unicycles:


Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Don’t quote me on this, but I think the highest unicycle is 22’.


Logan, you need to surf the web more! :slight_smile: http://www.unicycling.org/unicycling/btdt/btdt.html

Be careful out there…

Sorry, I’m quoting you. Check the BTDT page (Link in a post above) for one almost 5x higher. Steve McPeak rode that one, albeit with a crane holding it up, in 1980.

The women’t record is indeed 22’, held by Constance Cotter on a unicycle just like the one in your picture. Who’s that and where is the picture from? Is it Chaz Marquette? I thought his was a white one…


I have no idea where the picture is from or who it is of. Sorry.


Sorry about always asking my question here instead of surfing it’s just that I have terribly slow internet that always kicks me off, so it is fastest and easiest for me to ask you all. Plus I truly enjoy interacting with unicyclists from all over the world.

Thanks for your time.


What’s especially interesting about that photo of the 22’ unicycle, is the background. He’s obviously performing for a school that has a unicycle program!

However not having any information about the picture, how did you know it was a 22’ unicycle? The average observer, especially seeing such a unicycle outside, would probably say it was at least 50’ high…

Tom Miller made two of those unicycles in 1984. One blue, and one white. They had a removeable 6’ tall center section, to give a 16’ option. This is the highest unicycle I ever rode, and I have no desire to go higher.

I think Chaz got the white one, but it may have been painted since then. Tom Miller made another 22 footer for Constance Cotter in the early 90s(?) but I’m not sure what color that one was.

i count 3 Savage seats in that pic,poor kids:(

and whats up with the camera perspective?its like whoever took the pic is hanging from the rafters?

Here you go, John: