Unicycle Extreme

Extreme unicylcing presented by xtremeunicycling.com. All footage from Denver Skate park, Clement Park & downtown Denver. Grinds, 12 foot bowl drop, spine ride, stair rides & street uni.

This video is from 2006?

And you arent UniRick!

Unless you made a new account :smiley:

Damn it! I got all excited for a second! :frowning:

i met unirick! haha i know hes no celebrity, but it was pretty cool. he saw me on a ride, and stopped and talked to me! then i saw him like a month later at a local highschool homecoming parade. i wish he would make more videos!!

Yeah has anyone heard from Uni Rick recently? All the places in this video are all the places I ride. I go down to Clement skatepark three times a week nowadays. It’d be cool to ride with him one of these days…

Is that really Rick? (The OP and in the vid)