Unicycle Events

Could any french speaking please add the events from www.monocycle.info/calendrier?

Wow Europe (Germany mainly) is kicking some U.S. butt in unicycle events. I wonder how hard it is to plan a Unicycle event. I need something I can make it to this year. :frowning: Right now Douthat is closest, but that’s still a ten hour drive…

I only added the few biggest events yet. All Federal State Championships or meetings i did not add yet. And I’m sure, that over the year there will be many more events. The other thing I’m really sure about is, that there must be more events in the US and Canada than there are in the map now.

Three events in the US that I’ve seen are the New York unicycle festival, Long Island beach, NJ unithon, and a San Francisco ride. I’m sure if you search the forum you will find them. Good luck with the map.

I posted the Long beach Island Unithon. The New York Festival did not have a scheduled date yet, and I’m not sure what “a san francisco ride” is referring to. But if you remember feel free to edit the map, it is publicly editable.

Added 2 events in New York

I’ve added the following two events in New York to the map:

Empire State Muni Festival: June 13-15, 2014

NYC Unicycle Festival: August 29-31, 2014

None in Califonia? :frowning:

Search for Bike events and ask for the possibility to start there as unicyclist. I’m sure you can achieve an official unicycle rating at some mountainbike races. It worked just fine in my region.

just pushin’ this up to top …


Traditionally, we have the California Mountain Unicycle Weekend (the original MUni Weekend) in Sept/Oct, but we don’t have a plan formulated yet for this year. We will have something though!

If the event is held outside of California, which it has been several times now, it might be called the Sierra Mountain Unicycle Weekend, though that doesn’t necessarily fit either; last time it was out of town it was in New Mexico… :slight_smile:

I appreciate the initiative here. A map of events is very useful for me.

You might also add the Asheville, North Carolina mountain unicycle gathering. This year’s event is the 8th - September 12 - 14, 2014 and will be held at DuPont State Forest.


You could add it yourself cause the map is editable for everybody :slight_smile: So feel invited to add every event you like …

I figured I would update that map with the STOMP Muni fest and remove the events that had passed.

New Map!

Here is a new Map. It’s open for everybody and shows unicyclists and events all over the world. Please help to fill this database! :slight_smile:

This map is awesome! Thanks for putting it together!

It was made by Gnomerider


Thanks for making the map, looks great. Two suggestions:

I will try to give it a shot this week-end.


Now it’a also possible to add unicycle clubs ti the map!