Unicycle event at Ambleside Games

Jak from Jesters in Ambleside has told me that he is interested in
getting some unicyclists involved in the this years games. The racing
sounds quite fun and for money! Pity I am not going to be about.

If you are interested or think you can help please contact him directly on:

Here is what he wrote:

On the Unicycle front for the Sports:

  • on the trials side we usually have a demo area near the Craft marquee
    ( Jesters uses it for part of the day for Workshops, Mini does his show
    and we usually have a martial arts demo) which would seem - on the
    surface - ideal for this type of display. I think this could be quite
    straight forward to get off the ground and I think it would be very
    popular. It would have to be done on a voluntary basis - I could
    obviously organise free admission and some refreshments.

  • on the race side. We are talking about a 300m grass track which is far
    from a perfectly level surface but is used for running and bicycle
    events. If there is enough interest the feeling is to give it a try
    prior to the official start (say 12.30 prior to 1.00 start) - this way
    we avoid ruffling too many feathers with a “new” event - bearing in mind
    we are talking about 3 centuries of tradition! At that time there would
    be a good crowd. If the weather is right then we get a crowd of 10 -
    15,000. Logistics of this would also need sorting to ensure that it was
    a race ie some uniformity of wheel size etc (interesting thought is that
    the running events are actually handicapped). I could probably get a
    race sponsored so that there could be cash prize money (possibly
    something like 1st £75, 2nd £50 and 3rd £25)

Anyone who is interested would have to take into account that it is a
midweek event - Thursday 26th July

Get back to me with any further thoughts.