unicycle emoticon

while making my latest animation I remembered that the new msn allows you to make your emoticon so i decided to make the imge small enought to fit as an emoticon. So if you know how to do the msn emoticon thing here is the image.


haha niiiiice

so did it work for you??

Worked for me, thanks!! :slight_smile:

your welcome

how did you do that???

Thanks man.
It’s cool:D

i set it as my desktop background and put the settings on “tile”. it looks so cool because they all jump together, but it’s probably going to give me a headache.

sweet! you said it was your latest animation - do you have more of these?

How is your avatar animated? It wont let me have one.

Good idea, me too.

the reason i have a animated avatar is because when the website was reconfiguered there was no longer the ability to have an animated one but since I got it before that i was fine. also these animationare very easy to make if you have quicktime and flash. first what you do is copy a certain amount of frames from a movie by going to each fram and the copy and pasting them in flash on a new frame then you start from the beggining and trace out the lines of the person and objects once your done delete that actuall movie frame and you will be left witha pencil drawing animation. repeat this process till you are done