Unicycle email

Has any one thought of havingan email that you could sign up for kind of like the uni magazine or something like product reviews and tips and articles written on events and expierences by varous people.

would anybody get it if it would be free

I don’t think it would be worth the effort, that is why we have the message board.

I would use it if it were free, but I hate switching emails… so it might not be worth it. But i don’t know if other people feel the same way as me.

Did you mean an email list people could sign up for? That’s easy, but who would write the material?

sounds cool u should call it uni-mail or somthin

I thought I could get anybody that has some story to tell.

and yea almost like the uni magazine but on email & free

I’d read it if it existed - and maybe contribute articles.

how would you make the docucment what kind of file

Newsletters are very 1999
Todays there’s RSS

An electronic newsletter kind of doesn’t have any advantage over the forums, unless it is edited and has decent photographers involved. You’d need to find someone with a good grasp of English to edit it for you. No-one is going to want something with misspellings and rambling sentences all over it.

What’s better about uni magazine compared to the forum is that it has decent printing and pictures and editing, which unfortunately takes time and hence costs money to do. It is worth the price though, for a nice glossy magazine with lots of pictures and well written stories about unicycling.

http://www.unicyclemagazine.com/shop.html to get your copy!