Unicycle documentary

Hi there.

Me and a couple of mates are planning to make a light hearted documentary type thing in the summer and then enter it into the “First light movies awards” (A competition for people under 18) (Im 13 btw)

anyways, i was wondering if anyone would be interested in making or donating footage for the documentary. I’m not to brilliant at the moment and i think it would lk better if there was some pro type skills. In the film i plan there to be a history of unicycling, examples of different disceplines and maybe some talking heads about the sport. Maybe some other stuff like asking people in the street what they typically think of when they here the word “unicycle”

This is still very much a work in progress but please reply.
I’m currently waiting on an email from firstlight to see if they like my idea.

Dont expect miricles from it as im only 13 and not that proffesional but it could be great for raising awareness for the sport if we get to the final competetition.

Firstlightmovies: http://firstlightmovies.com/

Is there anybody out there???
Is my idea any good or is it more wooden than a tree and cheeseier than stilton???

A lot of the better videos are from members here

Make a list of videos you like on you tube, and the riders names. Cross check that with the members list, found in the blue bar at the top page of this page. Then PM them, and ask if you can use footage from them.:slight_smile: Some people might even film a special interview or something for you.

thanks, good advice


Hey, I’m making a unicycling documentary right now too. I am focusing on Muni. I went to Moab this year to film and get interviews (and ride) and I’m putting it together now. It’s for a school project and it has to be done by next Wednesday, so look for a link in the video forum.