Unicycle Diploma!!

Dear Tammy,

When I was in Jr. High School in San Jose, California (1971-73) there was a
group of us who would ride to school in the mornings on our UNI’s, and get
together again at lunch time to train and to perform for others. Then, it was a
race back home … tiring (we thought) then to ride 6 blocks on 20" wheels.

>wow, cool! Was there a uni club there?

>>Eventually, I graduated with an MBA degree and whirled accross the stage on a
>>red Schwinn 24" to receive my diploma … much to the surprise of all
>>faculty assembled!! However, the student body LOVED it!!
>that is so AWESOME!! (now you’re giving me ideas… but I’m only a sophomore!)

In Grad School (U.C. Irvine / UCLA), I would also use my UNI (then a 24"
Schwinn) to go from dorm to class and all around campus … but not
much spare time for performances. Of course the students all knew me as “Mr.
Great Wall” from my UNI PICTURES in China in 1986, and well expected me to do
something “entertaining” come graduation time.

The Uni was hidden under the stage and as I approached the lowest step to climb
up, I quickly pulled the UNI out, mounted it at the far corner (tough while
wearing a full-length Gown), and whirled around a few times before doing a
graceful dismount and bow before the Dean of the Business School. Flabbergasted,
he just gave me my diploma and wiped his brow while I held BOTH the uni and the
diploma over my head in triumph, and walked off the stage!!!

The crowd roared with laughter and applause!!

Anyone else GRADUATE on oe wheel?


Best Wishes and good luck in school,

Steve - Full-Time Resident in HK since 1988.

>thanks for your note~ Tammy
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