Unicycle demo

Ok, My sponsor finally asked me to do a demo, and of course I said yes, I was wondering if any of you guys have any tips or tricks that are really good crowd pleasers. Maybe Kris Holm or John Foss can give me some tips? I’m a bit nervous :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your help,

Michael Foote

Based on the comments I get when riding I suggest:

Do a wheelie?


p.s. John Foss is currently in Utah for NAUCC so I don’t know if he’s reading the forums.

Haha, I’ll keep that in mind.

Choose your best looking skills (non unicyclists don’t have any idea about difficulty) that you can do confidently and practise them a bit. If your good enough at these tricks you should be able to perform them without problem.

do interesting mounts?

Unispins, onefooted and crazy mounts are great for a while but mix it in with big drops and grinds if you can do them and you will win over the respect of any and all spectators. Basically the closer they are to skateboard and biking tricks the better, It may seem kind of dumb that people want to see a Uni do a trick they could see anyday from a skateboarder, but Most people like that stuff the best.

Yeah I’ll definatley have to learn how to grind better, I’m not very good at it yet

think of something that looks kinda impressive but could take a couple of attempts, and build up to landing/pulling off the trick. the crowd will hopefully get into it and be eager to see you finish it off, this wil take up some time, and draw interest. havent really got any ideas as to what tho

Remember, what is impressive to us as unicyclists, may not always be impressive to a regular crowd. Spred out your tricks, dont do them one-after-another. Fianlly, just find some tricks that anybody would like, unicyclists and non-unicyclists alike. such as wheel walking.
I’m giving you this info from A LOT of experience as performing as a unicyclist…just be your self…and have fun:D

-Sabin Arditty

Ok thanks everyone, keep the idea’s flowing because I still have a couple of weeks to prepare for the demo, I’d really like to here somthing from john foss or kris holm, since they have done lots of demo’s and would be able to give me lots a great ideas.

I’ve done a few demos, including a pretty big one recently with cameras and flyers, and all that stuff. The only advice I can think of is make sure you build up the demo and leave the best for last. Before doing a drop/gap/other line, pause and get the crowd interested. It’s really handy if you have an announcer. Drops are good because they’re pretty easy, but the crowd doesn’t know that. We often hop over people and around between their legs, etc which always goes down really well and is easy. Before the last demo I did I learned that one (a seat drop?) where you drop the seat in front while stillstanding and catch it with your foot. That went down pretty well I think. But the most important things I can think of are:

  • Pause before something good to let them know how difficult it is

  • Build up the performance leaving the best for last.

Good luck!

Just resurecting this thread, still wouldn’t mind some suggestions!