Unicycle Demo in Brownsville, WA

Hey Washintonians,

If you guys want, you can come check out this unicycle demo that my club of unicyclists and I are doing today in Brownsville! Ya know, if one of you guys came with your unicycles I’m sure the coach would let you join in; we are in dire need of some skilled riders. I’m the only person in the group that is over level 2 or 3, so even if you can just do something like wheelwalk across the place, that would be great. Even if you can’t join in, why not come and watch us bust some funky uni moves?!? It’s going to be at the Brownsville Marina at 1:30 today. Please come; we need some good audience members!

Click here for a map from Seattle.

Hope to see you there,

Is anyone coming, you better leave soon! Oh, and it’s at 1:45 instead of 1:30.

you gotta post this kinda stuff days ahead of time

True, but I only knew about it yesterday! BTW, I was the star of the show :sunglasses: :stuck_out_tongue: which made me feel bad for the other kids because they were barely “showcased” at all! :frowning: