unicycle death

:angry: my unicycle is out of comission… and it sucks! the wheel decided it was going to spin without the hub… so like you can hold the tire and spin the pedals… and watch the little scratched-in logo on the bar going across turn… while the wheel doesnt move… so… either i have to buy a new hub set up… or a new unicycle… and i dont have the money for either… so im just out of unicycling till i get the spare cash to do somthing about it… which… considering i dont have a job… i dont see it being in the very close future…

ok… im done… :frowning: poor Unicycle… doomed to sit in my closet for a while…

Your thread title was a little misleading! I’m glad it was a unicycle, and NOT the “rider” who “Died!”:slight_smile:

dude that sucks. hopefully you can get some money soon.

oh haha :stuck_out_tongue: im so sorry i didnt even think about that… but yeah it does seem like that would make mroe sence… sorry no no rider died… that i know of… :roll_eyes:

That sucks, hope you get some cash somewhere.

time to practice wheel walking…

that happened to the very first uni i owned, probably on account of the fact that it was a jugglebug i bought a a garage sale.

And possibly bc’ing :stuck_out_tongue: