unicycle day by Tim Desmet

I’ve landed some nice things yesterday… so here’s a smal vid

yes ^^ … that was SIOOOCK i loved the kickflip dengens da that was incredible

hou normaal niet van flat maar dit is anders

mooi gedaan jochie!!!
strakke eigen stijl…:wink:

Awesome! I really liked all of the kickflips!

I was amazed at some of the stuff you pulled off in this video.

That spin you did where you tucked your legs up was incredible :astonished:

Also where you did the crank spin and kicked the wheel round with the tyre was sick!!!

Even my mum and dad were impressed by this one and usually they just say ‘it’s all the same’ when i show them trials vids :smiley:

Cool man, real cool! :sunglasses:

Niiiiiice, your gettin good Tim!

gettin good :)?!

he is a beast now :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate you:p

Not only are you one of the best trial riders, you’ve god mad flat skills.:smiley: :sunglasses:

Those kick flips are awesome, man! Have to try them on my own :stuck_out_tongue:

super smooth man. learning so many tricks!

I mean on a pro level :slight_smile:

Awesome dude! I really liked all the tricks with kickflips.

Tim, I loved this, really enjoy your style of Trials, Flatland and Street. You don’t repeat tricks and all the tricks you do are massive. This is definitely one of my favourite videos out at the moment, keep them coming.


You are animal.