Unicycle Creaking

I have a 24" Nimbus II, pretty much stock except for the KH Fusion Freeride saddle. I’ve noticed it started creaking over my last ride. I happens when the left pedal pass through the 6 o’clock position and sounds like 3-4 clicks/creaks in a row. I don’t think its the cranks or the pedals. The spokes don’t seem to be loose, but I wouldn’t necessarily know what to look for.

Any suggestions? Do I need to get someone to look whether the rim is true?

squeeze the spokes that’re on the floor when the left pedal is at 6 o’clock, then squeeze the ones on the other side, if they’re different tension it’s probably that :slight_smile:

Probably spokes. If you don’t know what to look for, it might be worth getting your LBS to take a look.

My first uni creaked, and it was because the spokes weren’t tight. I just went around them all with a spoke key, but you’ll probably want a more professional job on a Nimbus. :smiley:

check for loose spokes and if they are loose tighten them.

Also it can be your pedals, ive noticed that with cheaper pedals that happens a lot. I had some plastic PC and they really did it bad and that was just from a few falls.

Yeah, I’ve already had 1 set of pedals that creaked almost right out the box. They swapped those out. I’m not sure which pedals are really an upgrade though. I want to avoid metal ones because I ride in a gym sometimes.

I got some Jimmy C’s now and i have no complaints with them, i think they are called the trail mix pedals now though. If you want some heavy duty plastic pedals you can check out the JCPC’s. They are plastic version of the trail mix pedals and they have metal pins that hold the plastic body together. They have a really beefy spindle so they wont bend like other pedals and you have the best of both plastic and metal pedals.

I went looking online for JCPC’s but it’s not entirely clear which those are. Could you link to an example on UDC or another online cycle shop? Thanks!

Theres a review about them, i dont know where to purchase them at but i found them at my local bike shop so i bet they could order some for you. The pins on the pedals that the review are on are really long. The ones i seen looked like normal sized pins. Also another thing when i asked what the price was it was pretty high for plastics, a whopping 40$ :astonished: . They look very strong though

loose cranks can make that sound. That’s a much bigger deal than spokes. Make sure your cranks are tight.

Usually when this happens I just grease up my squeaking crank and it stops.

Just try that, and if it doesn’t work check the spokes.

I recently had my kh 36er’s wheel rebuilt, with the correct black stainless spokes. Since then, all’s well, except I was getting very loud creaking sounds, but only when applying extra pedal force, mounting, or making tight circular turns.

I immediately thought it was loose spokes, but they were not loose at all, and in fact my LBS just tensioned and trued the wheel. Then I thought maybe it was a loose crank or two. Nope. Then I checked the saddle bolts. Negatory.

Then I thought maybe the bearing caps were not sufficiently snug, and any extra torque on the bearings might be causing them to make noise, if there was even a slight gap between the frame cap and the bearing surface.

Well, I don’t like to over tighten the bearing caps, but I checked them and the bolts were a bit on the loose side. I snugged them up, while making sure the wheel still rotated without slowing down too fast. That got rid of the creaking! :smiley:

For f/u, mine definitely impoved with spoke tensioning.

I just didn’t want to risk over tensioning and have spokes start snapping, so I checked other things first, and luckily it was the bearing caps. I also realize that loose spokes often break as well, but you can go too far the other way too.

My money’s on loose bearing holders.

The creaking sound from a loose crank does sound like a series of clicks, which you may also feel thru the pedals. Your description sounds like that.

It’s a 24" wheel with a fairly solid rim and a perfectly adequate three-crossings thread pattern. So if it is spokes, then other than the odd sound it’s no big deal and does not require any immediate action, if any at all.

However the cranks loose at the shaft is an entirely different matter. As SOON as it happens you should stop riding and tighten it. Even a small distance on a square tapered shaft can stuff that crank. In very quick time it will not only squeak, it will have some travel. Thereafter you will NEVER be able to maintain a tight crank until you replace it.

I had to carry a spanner with for several weeks while I was looking for a new crank. Pretty much every ride I would have to retighten.

Good to know! My first set of creaks came from bearings in the cheap plastic pedals. Then the spokes. Who knows what will go next.