Unicycle couriers

Just wondering if there was such a thing as a unicycle courier, like a bicycle courier but a unicycle courier?

wouldnt make much sense, but im sure someone has done it. If i was a courier as a job, i would just get a bike, because they take so much less effort.

I’m actually going to be moving to NYC to do just this job. I will let you know how it goes.
I wouldnt ride a bike, as I am not a bicyclist, I am a unicyclist. My plan is to do it on a 29, as dodging people on anything bigger could be tricky. I am debating spending a small fortune on a schlumpf geard 29er or waiting out the KH geared hub. The price is a bit high on the shlumpf, So I may have to just hold out.

That sounds wicked, I look forward to hearing more about this Unicycle Courier Job :slight_smile:

I had wondered previously if you could make money this way by charging over the top for the novelty of the unicycle service. Riding a unicycle for normal bike couriers fees you’re not going to make much of a living, I don’t suppose those guys get paid that much, and I’d be amazed if you could do even half as many deliveris on uni as on a bike.

Yeah, I can’t see the market for a “slow” courier. I think this is one of those areas where the unicycle doesn’t have any clear advantage, except for when you arrive at your destinatoins, you can just bring it in with you. Good luck with it, and let us know how it goes!

I occasionally act as my own courier: I drive a truck for a living and sometimes at the end of a day I’ll run the paperwork and keys up to the office on my uni. I’m still “on the clock” while doing this, thus getting paid, thus am a professional courier.

I think this almost counts. :slight_smile:

wow you will make no money

Yes it is very likely that I will not make enough money. Tho you have to keep in mind, that it is not always how fast you can go, its how fast you get from point A-B and so forth. Traffic is more of an issue than actuall speed of the uni. I feel pretty confident that I can keep up with most traffic. Plus the laws of riding a unicycle on a sidewalk are fuzzy, many shortcuts bikes can not take.

I figure its worth a shot, I’d rather be unicycleing making no money, than just making no money.

ahah true unicycling+no money > no money.

But after riding my fixed in the city all i can say is dam those guys are fast/nuts

1 of my friends does those post office bike riders. Except she unicycles. :smiley: So would that count as a courier??

Richmond’s downtown financial district is on a long hill and I used to ride it several times a week on my 700c to train for the MS bike tour. Richmond has maybe 15 or so bike couriers at most, and it was kinda fun to interact with them. Of course, on my way downtown it was no contest, but I used to race them uphill and could generally keep up with them factoring in stop lights. And definitely, what we lack in speed we make up for in manueverability, especially during lunch hour when the streets are more dense with cars/people.

I played around with the notion of applying for a courier job. Supposedly you had to ride from 1st to 14th street and back in a certain amount of time. Maybe if you use a BC wheel when going downtown, and a lightweight 700c when going up, and just hitch one to your back when using the other.

I’d love to see a picture of that!

I sometimes race bike couriers for fun downtown. If I’m going up against a fixy with a low ratio I can usualy keep up but they are usualy still faster. The only advantage I have is that I can skip the road and ride on the curb and cut through tighter spaces, plus cars will actualy slow down and stop for me even if I’m clearly breaking the law or at least I don’t have right of way. I actualy had one car back up when I slowed down to let him go through the green light he had and the red light that I had.

Just get extremely good at gliding :astonished:

…and buy a new pair of shoes every day.

Haha, true.

just coast down the hill. make sure you write up your will first. you can give me all your unicycles if you wish

ive delivered papers on my mini-farthing
lot more work

make a freewheeling uni and try using that. I bet if you practices on it enough you could ride it with out it being to much harder for street riding.