Unicycle Cookbook

The Panther Pride Unicycle Team is looking for some good recipes from fellow unicyclists. We are publishing a cookbook.
If you are interested email me unicyclenews @ aol.com
I will send you the information.

or go to morriscookbooks.com go to the square that says typensave online login, enter your name, group login is 1wheelwonder, password is 3a36c
This cookbook will be available for sale to everyone, plus shipping.
We would really like to get a variety of recipes from the unicycle community as well as our team members. If you enter a recipe, please add your location.


i have unicycled across the usa and one of the main things me and my partner ate was peanutbutter burritos. that may sound a little funky. quite good though. its high in energy and is made of food that doesnt require refridgeration.

flour tortilla (diannes is the best)
spread peanut butter
sprinkle on raisins
add sliced bannanas
and breakfast cereal such as wheaties
roll up and enjoy

this will keep you going for hours!

vaughn murray
portland or usa

oops. sent that to the wrong place

Yes, like maybe your stomach. :slight_smile:

Do you think he put it in the wrong hole???

I’m glad you posted it here. I’m going to go try that now!

Such an easy way to do this. I remember when all the recipes had to be submitted in writing and retyped by the “Cookbook Committee”. Good luck. I’ll add a few more later if I have time. :smiley:

Many thanks to those of you have given me or entered recipes yourself, I think there has been at least 10 recipes added to our book.
It would be great to have more, imagine a book with recipes such as: Foss’ French toast, Yoopers yellow cake, Tree potatoes,
Harper’s Hopping John, Wheely Good BBQ sauce or Danger Donuts. All of the above are fictious but send me your favorites. Ask your mom or wife or other for 1-5 recipes.
The more recipes we get the better the book will be. I do have to ask that they are actual recipes. We have a great On the Road, On One Wheel burrito from the group.

If you don’t want to enter your recipe, send it to me at Unicyclenews at aol.com.
We need to receive all recipes by Jan. 9
You can go to www.morriscookbooks.com
click on typensave (box in the middle of the page)
Hit login on the right side middle of the page
you are the contributer
group login is “1wheelwonder”
the password is 3a36c and follow instructions
Thanks again and in advance,
Barb Kowalski