Unicycle Convergence: Redmond Derby Days July 9

I hinted about it in the 2005 PNW Events thread , here is the official thread:

There will be a significant unicycle presence at Redmond Derby Days! Derby Days is a day long celebration including parade, carnival rides, uni and bike demo’s, and bands. The main event is an afternoon bicycle criterium. Redmond is also the location of the Marymoore Velodrome, site of Pete’s Purple Phase world record ride, and calls itself the bicycling capitol of the NorthWest. We’d like it to be the unicycle capitol of the NorthWest for at least a day.

The Unicycle portion is organized by the Uniques Unicycle Club. Panther Pride will be joining in; we would love to have all unicyclers join in.

Here’s the plan, the afternoon times my be adjusted:

Saturday, July 9, 2005

10:00 Grand Parade, staging at 9:00, over by 11:30.

1:00 ½ hour unicycle show/demonstration.

1:50: One lap Big Wheel (Coker, Big Wheel, 29er) race on Criterium Route. This will take place right before the Bike races get underway. We need all you local big wheel riders to make this a spectacle!

2:30: Extreme unicycling/trials demo headed up by Sabin and some other local guys :wink: . (Throughout the afternoon there will also be several BMX demo’s.)

We’d love to have you, if you’d like to ride in the parade, perform in the show, or race send me a PM or e-mail dekoekkoeks5@msn.com . For non-Uniques we will require a release/waiver form be signed.

More details to follow as the schedule gets tightend up.

Hope to hear from you!

I’d definitely love to be in the parade and/or the demo. Just tell me what to practice and if it’s in my “range” I’ll have it done by July 9th. What time do you think I should get there?

Two weeks to go.

One week from today!

I saw your last name somewhere, Steve, and ever since it’s been stuck in my head. How the hell am I supposed to pronounce dekoekkoek? I can’t figure it for the life of me. Sorry for being so tremendously off-topic, but any help here is appreciated. :smiley:


You might get a hint if you look at his avatar…


It’s actually De Koekkoek but ever since the advent of computers I’ve been running it together. That doesn’t make it any easier to figure out, So…

Dee Kook Kook.

It’s really cool to hear an old time Dutchman say it. I think they pull up some phlegm way in the back of their throat to get a deep “oo” sound.

Some have gone with an Americanized “Dee Coke Coke” but I don’t mind being called Cuckoo.

And you think that’s cool? But, as an old time Dutchman I can’t relate to that part of the remark anyway.

Rather than “dee”, I would say “Duh Cook Cook” but then with a short duh sound, and the emphasis on the first cook.

Klaas Bil

Klaas, as usual; you’re right.


I tried to attach a pdf of the Derby Days flyer (472 kb), but that’s not a valid extension. :angry: We’re official on the 1:50 unicycle race!:slight_smile:

My work version of Adobe can convert to jpg.

The flyer is in gallery: http://gallery.unicyclist.com/DerbyDays2005