Unicycle conventions?

OK… so I’ve been uniing a while, and read quite a few forums, but never seem to find out where the several conventions are held. If anyone could please list the name(initials and what they stand for)of the covention, and where it is usually held. I would like to eventually attend, and don’t now where to start to decide which one to go to. Also, which types of riding are prioitys at each convention.
Seems like a lot, but I feel a little lost without knowing what each of the mentioned conventions are about. Thanks.

I’ve been associated with two of the older, formal competitions:

  1. The North American Unicycling Championships and Convention (NAUCC) are held every year. NAUCC is sanctioned by the Unicycling Society of America, Inc. Go to http://www.unicycling.org/usa/naucc/ for details.

  2. UNICONs (short for, “Unicycling Conventions”) are very large, international events held every other year (in even numbered years). UNICONs are sanctioned by the International Unicycling Federation, Inc. Go to http://www.unicycling.org/iuf/ for details of past events. UNICON XIV will be held July 26 - August 4 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Go to http://www.unicon2008.dk/ for details.

If you are into muni, the Moab Munifest (http://www.moabmunifest.homestead.com/) and the California Muni Weekend (http://www.unicycling.com/muni/2007/) are the two oldest, best known North American events.

There are a growing number of other unicycling events being held throughout the world. Uni Magazine (http://unicyclemagazine.com/) is developing into a great source of information.

what about FLUCK? :thinking:

FLUCK is an acronym for the Fakse Ladeplads Uni Cykel Klub in Denmark (http://www.fluck.dk/). It is also sometimes used in reference to an event that FLUCK organizes. There are several current, active threads on this forum discussing the recent event.

yeh and what does moab stand for lol?

Moab is not an acronym. Moab, Utah is the location of the Moab Munifest.


From what i remember there is…
which i can’t wait till it comes to Oz because i might be going. :smiley: :smiley:

dont forget uninats!

thats the australian uni championchips.

unicon 2010, darwin!

ahh yes that too, almost forgot about that 1. Thanks Owen. :smiley:

Also BUC, british unicycle convention.