Unicycle Competition, Maryborough QLD Australia

Hi unicyclists,

The organisers of a festival in Maryborough have just sent me the following email. I am passing it on as requested.
Apparently the prize pool is valued at about $1000.

I hope to see lots of other unicyclists there.

Wayne van Wijk

p.s. for insurance purposes I am pretty sure that participants will need to be Australian Unicycle Society members.
p.p.s. If there are not enough people to free-mount giraffes then I am sure that we can get them to allow assisted starts.

Calling all unicyclists to take part in

Come along and participate in a magical fun day as Maryborough celebrates it unique connection to Mary Poppins

Maryborough is located 250km north of Brisbane and is the gateway to the Fraser Coast.

There will be two heats during the day at 11am and 2pm where unicyclist will compete in races including:
50m Sprint
50 Backwards race
50m ride and juggle
10m Slow race
30 Sky race (competitors must freemount a giraffe unicycle (5’minimum), race to the end and then dismount gracefully).

Great Prize to be won and all participants will receive meal vouchers and cold drinking water on the day.

Are you interested??

More information please contact:
Melissa Evans
P: 07 4190 5631
E: mel.evans@frasercoast.qld.gov.au

It sounds like a good event

I will be ariving in Brisbane tomorrow and plan to stay for a few months, if there are any riders driving up then i would love to come along, even if i am unable to take part in the riding.

Anyone know how you join the Australian Unicyclist Society?