Unicycle competition in Slovenia

Brezbremz on Celjska koča 2008
New tryout for bikers and unicyclists in Slovenia!!!
Saturday, 6.September and Sunday, 7.September 2008, Celjska koča.
There will be something for all – bikers, unicyclists and other noncompetitors!!! THE SECOND DUAL SLALOM and unofficial state cup for unicyclist in different disciplines.

Discipline: dual slalom
qualifications: Sunday at 9.00
finals: Sunday 11.00
Entry fee- 10€ when announcement before Thursday 4.9.08 or 15€ on the day of competition. It includes practical award, drink and a warm meal at Sunday in time of lunch.

Cross country, Uphill, Downhill, Longjump, Highjump, Dual slalom, Trial
Entry fee- 15€ when announcement before Thursday 4.9.08 or 20€ on the day of competition. It includes practical award, drink and a warm meal on Sunday in time of lunch.

Discipline: A slope on Celjska koča.
Announcement before start on Sunday from 8.30 to 9.00 at registry table by Savinja before town Zagrad.
There is no entry fee for the slope!!! The announcement includes nonalcoholic drink and discount coupon for lunch in hotel Celjska koča and the participant takes part in draw for practical awards.

More than 30 hours tryout in 8 disciplines!

Registration for unicyclists and bikers will be accepted on this mail info@brezbremz.si about Thursday 4.9.2008 (24.00)
You need to send these information: name, surname, team, address, birth date, your competing disciplines (Unicycle + disciplines, bike or boath + disciplines) and your email address.
Entry fee will be payed on the day of competition.
Registration for competitors will last from 8.00 to 9.45 on Saturday and Sunday. Entry fee for unicyclists holds all disciplines.
There will be able to pass the night in hotel Celjska koča. By paying the entry fee you get discount for the accommodation in that hotel. More information: http://www.celjska-koca.si/

First three competitors in each category will get medals. All participants get practical award, warm meal and refreshment drink.
The announcement of all results and ceremony of best will be in special room in Celjska Koča, where will be attended for good music and pleasant society.

Total timetable Brez bremz on Celjska koča:

Saturday, 6.9.2008:
09.00 Cross country (unicycle)
11.00 Uphill (unicycle)
Time for lunch
14.00 Downhill (unicycle)
17.00 Long jump (unicycle)
18.00 High jump (unicycle)

Sunday, 7.9.2008
08.30 – 9.00 The start of slope
09.00 Qualifications for dual slalom (bike)
10.00 Qualifications for dual slalom (unicycle)
11.00 Finals, dual slalom (bike)
12.30 Finals, dual slalom (unicycle)
Time for lunch (warm meal for competitors)
15.0 Trial (unicycle)
17.00 Ceremony, drawing for practical awards (rekreators)

For all information and questions you can send us an email: info@brezbremz.si
or you can call us: 040-667-292 (Andrej)


Wow, sounds great. Wish we could go.