Unicycle Commercials

I just made a spoof infomercial. If anyone else has made a unicycle commerical, feel free to post them here. I know Terry has a few funny ones…




We need more of that stuff haha :smiley: Was a genius vid.


Hilarious!! Brilliant!!:D:D

Haha, well done. We should market that together with my “Uni-Brella”! :smiley:

that was funny


I can’t stop laughing about that “complementary horror novel by Billy Graham.”

That made my night as I sit here in a hotel!!!
Well done Lads…

Side effects? Did I hear “decrease of poo poo”? That sounds like a good thing, less time wasted eh?!


Yeah, my friend Mark did the voice over for me because I had laryngitis at the time. He said “decrease in cool points”.

Glad to see everyone liked my commercial! I love this kind of stuff…

Oh yeah, I forgot:


That was good!!

haha spare tire.

nicely done. I like the rapid speech at the end… how did you do that?

It would be nice to see more commercials. Some real, such as promoting this website and unicycling in general. And some for entertainment and education.


Just speed up the voice and add a little bit of pitch correction! :slight_smile:

the video is very funny :smiley:

haha nice :stuck_out_tongue: