unicycle comic strip

… I actually liked all three (ducks thrown objects ;))…

I’ve seen the heaven one before. I think my mom sent me a clipping of that. It reminds me of unicyclists in the emergency room telling the doc how they got injured.

The Monty comic reminds me of Jess Riegel trying out Trevor Blackwell’s electric unicycle on Sunday. Before getting on it he lifted it off the ground, which makes the wheel spin wildly, then put it down and it slammed him in the ankle; could have hurt a lot more than it did. It’s a strange beast that acts very unlike a unicycle, especially when nobody’s sitting on it! But no airbag.

I liked all three also, but the second one mad me laugh outloud.

Post it post it I dont think I have seen that one

hahahahaha i actually like the comic strip with the 4 guys and one dies.