unicycle comic strip

I just looked trhrough the comic strips in the newspaper. (about the only thing I read in it ) :smiley:

And I saw a unicycling strip! But it wasnt very funny, and it related unicycels to the circus.

forgot the picture.

That’s horrible!!!:frowning:

And insanely lame and unfunny. Even if I didn’t unicycle.

Heh, reminds me of the evolution of a unicyclist pic.

I dont even understand what the hell is goin on in that comic

Four unicyclists on a rope one falls off the three are caring a casket. Its really lame.

I have on thing to say to that cartoon

um no.gif

I’m not going to claim that this is a great cartoon and the quality of the art as well as the presentation could be better. But it’s not meant to be a laugh out loud bit, just amusing. And the idea of unicyclist pall bearers is amusing. Lighten up.

I stopped reading the Sunday comics long ago because I started noticing the “humor” for the most part was aimed at a very wide audience, requiring a lot of compromises to fit that audience without offending anybody. In other words, most of the stuff was maybe a little cute, or a little funny, but not enough to be worth my time.

I thought this one fit in fine. To the artist, as to many people depicting unicycles, the riders are only semi-human, and are thought of as “unicycle people.” In this case, it’s okay by me, because that’s what I am.

Sem and Teresa have done the equivalent with a wedding (in 1986 they were married with the entire wedding party, including officiant, on unicycles). Someday one of us may do what’s pictured in that comic.

(BTW it won’t be me – my instructions are to “cut out and donate the good parts, then burn the rest”)

I feel that they should make you laugh or there’s no reason. It wasnt really funny at all it was just a little clever. At first I even thought it was three unicyclists riding on a rainy day with like a thing over them that I could not make out. It lacked the easy read that they should have too. Its like ok so he fell? then they are in the rain with a thing over them? what? oh well I’m a cridict.

From the movie, Go:

[Referring to the Family Circus comic strip]
Todd: And it’s always there, in the lower right hand corner, just waiting to suck.

Looking at it again, it still seems sad, but I found myself chuckling inside once I realized that the humor was purposefully dry; very dry; very very dry.

Ahhhhhh cmon guys, lighten up a bit. If anything i think its amusing that without knowing it the author has touched on 2 things all us unicyclists hold dear,
1) the obsession we have for the one wheel contraption
2) and the friendships we make with those who share this obsession, afterall this site is a symbol of the community we have become a part of.
I think it is time for us to get over the whole people thinking we’re in the circus, let them think what they want if it makes them happy.

My mom’s goes like this …

“cut out and sell the good parts, then burn the rest” :smiley:

Sell? Okay. I leave it to my next of kin to figure that out. As also it’s up to them what to do with the little container of ashes they get at the end of all that. Maybe hide them in the frame of some unsuspecting unicyclist…

Take it from the king of insanely lame and unfunny… Obie!

I knew there was a unicycle comics thread somewhere and this is the best one I coudl find.

Here is today’s Non Sequiter.


Here’s one from Monty… Sep 10, 2006…

The first one is amusing and not really meant to be funny.

The heaven one is funny, especially how they can’t wait to hear how he died.

It made me laugh…