Unicycle Comedy Act

For you would be performers out there.

Nothing fancy on the uni…just a lot of build-up to juggling on a giraffe.

Hilarious! I love it.

haha that is awesome

Sick mullet.

Yeah, Huh!
1990 I think.
Before you were even born…wow.

We joked about dressing like gay-hippy-cowboys (NTTIAWWT)
Our opening line was:

“they lost our luggage at the airport in Nashville…We had to buy new clothes there.”

Considering we dressed like Michael Jackson in the 80’s this was a step up!

That was a Tony Alamo shirt! Google him if you don’t remember…

Fun to see the retro stuff…

it was really funny to see some of those jokes go right over the audiences head.

GI joes with beards…LOL