Unicycle Combat

Has anyone ever jousted on unicycles? :smiley: Or any other sort of combat?

Oh yes. Search the forums for Jousting or Joust.

I’ve jousted, and we play unicycle sumo/demolition all the time. And once we covered broomsticks with foam, and made sorta like foam swords, along with jousting sticks, and fought that way…

And then theres playing “chicken”…

Re: Unicycle Combat

Yup, check out my Uni Jousting Video:

56 MB http://gallery.unicyclist.com/albums/VIDEOS/uni_vid_56mb.wmv

20 MB http://gallery.unicyclist.com/albums/VIDEOS/uni_vid_20mb.wmv

I’ve jousted a bit…not much though. it’s fun to ride around and try to shove each other off. or play unicycle chicken on a skinny.

My brother and I made a uni joust video as well.


the sheilds we had were fantastic, but the poles we used weren’t so hot.