I recently ordered some cranks and a crank puller from Unicycle.com.  They said it would arrive to me in two days.  It took 6 days and they sent me the wrong tool.  Now I will be receiving my package in a total of 12 days instead of two.  They left a pretty bad first impression, but are at least sending me the right part and I am willing to give them a second chance.  Is this common for them?  Is my first impression consistent with their usual business?  If so, who else can I buy from?

~Matt :frowning:

it’s not unusual for them to mess up orders, but I would say that it’s a tiny percentage of correct orders (because who writes to the forums saying they got their stuff on time?)

but they always make good, and that’s just as good in my books

ive bot from then prolly a half dozen times and never had a problem, and once they gave me two UDC stickers, it was cool

I have ordered many many things from them, and they didn’t mess anything up ever.

How much you asking for your parachute? My friend likes sky diving but doesn’t have one. Send me a private message with more info. Thanks!


highly recomended

It is also quite possible that it is not their fault at all that it took so long for you to recieve your order. Often times the USPS is just overloaded or slow. My cranks from Renegade Juggling were sent out a week from yesterday and I still havn’t gotten them. It all depends on how busy and how organized the USPS is. It’s quite possible your stuff just got stuck in a lazy state.

Agreed with Mike.

I’ve never had any problem with them but in the past my friends have. Friend 1, lol, on three different times he order extra parts, on two of those times got the wrong ones first. Friend 2 had a uni shipped out to him that was missing a frame, sent shortly after. Well that’s all.

Good notes: The nice free bumber sticker with the package. They ship quickly (but i’ve never had any company not ship quickly, so that shouldn’t be a point).

-Shaun Johanneson

It’s painful when your order gets messed up, but don’t worry about UDC, they will straighten things out.

My experiences with them have been great

I have done most of my business with them in person since I live near their warehouse. They are awesome people!

Re: Unicycle.com

“wmdoran” wrote in message …
> How much you asking for your parachute? My friend likes sky diving
> doesn’t have one.

Your friend likes sky diving but doesn’t have a parachute?

He must be either really brave, or really stupid! :slight_smile: