Dear fellow unicyclists:

As 2002 draws to a close, we want to say thank you to each of you, our
friends and fellow riders. Your suggestions, support and encouragement
enables us to do what we love doing. We’re still amazed that our little
enterprise has come this far, and we’re so very grateful that it has. I
loved working for IBM, but the many jobs I had there just doesn’t
compare to the thrill of nurturing and navigating this small business.

We’re fortunate also that our boys have taken to the sport. Casey and
Zach both won a gold medal at Unicon 11 in North Bend this summer.
Sawyer would have won silver if his dad had completed his entry form
correctly. They help us answer your calls, pack boxes, label tapes, and
their favorite part of course is testing new equipment. When we’ve
needed help, we’ve turned to family. My dad came out of retirement
(IBM, of course) to help with our bookkeeping. My sister Kathy, also
retired, keeps our files in audit-ready shape.

But our staff isn’t all family. You know Roger Davies in the UK. He
isn’t family, but we consider him so. John & Jacquie Foss continue to
contribute an enormous amount of time each year in support of
unicycling, and they quietly help us in ways that don’t foster
recognition. But their imprint is there, on our Web site. Steve
Dressler, founder and president of the Unicycling Society of Hong Kong,
joined us as a consultant this year. He personally inspected our
shipment of 1,000 Schwinn unicycles before they left the factory. M.E.
“Moe” Mosher, who personally takes responsibility for the appearance of
every unicycle we import and ship to customers, turned 79 this year. A
veteran of the Battle of the Bulge, he has a work ethic that is
unsurpassed. We introduce him to visitors as The Hardest Working Man in
America. But his bride of 60 years doesn’t want him on a unicycle, and
he doesn’t answer the phone.

Stateside, you’ve heard some new voices on the phone:

Jordan Tucker (May), unicyclist, shop services, welder, expert unicycle
Robbie Ridgeway (July), unicyclist, parts shipping and receiving,
customer service rep.
Russell Fralick (September), expert trials rider (unicycling and
bicycling), expert unicycle and bicycle mechanic

(Contrary to some opinions posted on the unicycling newsgroup, we do
service, maintain and repair unicycles. Where do these strange rumors
come from? Do we even need to say that we align frames every day?
Wheel truing services by the best in the business, John Kovachi!)

We’ve said all along, we’re working for you. Some 2002 highlights worth

  •    Reintroduced Schwinn brand 20-, 24-inch unicycles and parts
  •    Introduced Yuni brand 20-, 24-, 26-, 28- and 29-inch unicycles

in chrome and black

  •    Introduced lower-cost Kris Holm-designed trials and mountain

unicycles and saddles

  •    Introduced Sun brand 12-, 16-, 20-, 24-, 26-, 28-inch unicycles
  •    Lowered overall pricing on Miyata unicycles and parts
  •    Forged partnerships with manufacturing specialists to introduce

more custom frames, Ultimate Wheels, mini-giraffes, precision parts

  •    Expanded our dealer network to include more than 200 bike

stores in the USA and Canada

  •    Added more than 200 new items to our online catalog
  •    Introduced our first color catalog (available online soon as a

pdf file)

  •    Raised average inventory level to 1,500 unicycles

We can’t be all things to all unicyclists, but that remains our goal.
We are unicyclists who want great unicycles, and that will always drive
us. Unicycling is an individual sport, but unicyclists are a
closely-knit community. You are the community we choose to serve.
Thank you for giving us this opportunity.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

John & Amy Drummond
www.Unicycle.com <http://www.unicycle.com/>

Happy Holidays! And Thanks.

  • Sal

Happy Holidays to you too, John and Co. I’ve enjoyed meeting you and becoming one of your customers.

I did not know that you accept and repair used unicycles. Despite having talked to you several times and browsed your and Roger’s website many times, I have not ever seen that mentioned, let alone prices for various services posted. I do know that you align frames, because I know that some of the new frames that you get in you must tweak in order to fit hubs. For example, I know that you tweak Sem XL frames to fit Suzue hubs. Is this repair business a new tack? Where is this advertised?

I also know that you use the Kovachi wheel-building service. I did not know that I could send you my out-of-warranty wheel for truing. In fact, I thought that if a wheel went out of true under warranty, your policy was to send it to a local bike shop for adjustment. Is this also a change in policy?

I too, as discussed elsewhere, have enjoyed thinking about and playing with the new ideas that have come out of this forum and unicycle.com. I recently built a Coker wheel from scratch using the new Aero rim and wide hub that unicycle.com sells. I took it to New York and many Unatics had an opportunity to ride it and give me their impressions. It’s thrilling to be on some part of the cutting edge with you guys. It was also thrilling that I was able to include three other vendors and three other cycle mechanics in this one wheel build. The Unicycle Factory, Semcycle, and The Ordinary Bike Shop in Connecticut all supplied parts and technical knowledge to help me build this wheel.

And I’m sure my nephews will enjoy the new uni DVD they’re getting for Christmas, straight from… you know who!

Thanks John!
I do have one question though. When will the “Build your own cycle” option be open? I think when this happens, it will really boost the quality of your site.